KCRA is excited to announce the hard work of Dr. Rich Josephson and colleagues that created a 15 module 5 webinar series on Cardiac Rehabilitation: Information for Physicians (CRIP) is now launched! This is a unique resource providing factual didactic information for physicians, typically Medical Directors, engaged in the care of patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation. It has the potential to catalyze physician engagement, and empower them to provide meaningful clinical leadership.

This represents many hours of work by organizers, reviewers, presenters, ACC staff and others. See below OUTLINE!

It is available to all, at no charge, though non-ACC members will have to create an ACC account. Official ACC announcements, thanks to presenters and reviewers, etc., etc. to occur in the immediate future

Webinar #1
* Welcome and Introduction – Dr. Mary Norine Walsh
* Brief Overview and the ITP – Dr. Richard A. Josephson
* Patient Screening, Referrals, and Enrollment – Dr. Marjorie King
Webinar #2
* Principles of Aerobic Exercise Prescription – Dr. Melissa Tracy
* The Role of Exercise Stress Testing – Dr. Alison Bailey
* Patients with CAD – Dr. David M. Shipon
Webinar #3
* Patients with Congestive Heart Failure – Dr. John A. Larry
* Following Cardiac Transplantation or Implant of LVADs – Dr. Steven J. Keteyian
* Frailty: Gait/Strength/Balance – Dr. Daniel E. Forman
Webinar #4
* Heart Rate & Rhythm and the Devices that Control Them – Dr. Richard A. Josephson
* Post Cardiac Valve Surgery – Dr. Jonathan H. Whiteson
* Principles of Psychosocial Evaluation, MI, and Behavior Change – Dr. Joel W. Hughes
Webinar #5
* Tobacco Cessation – Dr. Richard A. Josephson
* Phase 1, Phase 3 and Non-Center Based Cardiac Rehab – Dr. Alison Bailey
* The Transformative Power of Lifestyle Medicine – Dr. Dean Ornish

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