Reimbursement Update

HR # 4838 – SOS: Sustaining Outpatient Services Act AACVPR members have been going to Washington D.C. since 2018, asking for a correction to drastic reimbursement reductions for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation (CR/PR) services that are located off-campus. We are ready to get this bill passed, but that will only happen with your help. Every affiliate now has an AACVPR-state affiliate contact person responsible for helping members in your state contact U.S. House members in your state’s districts. At this…

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All, KCRA is excited to announce the hard work of Dr. Rich Josephson and colleagues that created a 15 module 5 webinar series on Cardiac Rehabilitation: Information for Physicians (CRIP) is now launched! This is a unique resource providing factual didactic information for physicians, typically Medical Directors, engaged in the care of patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation. It has the potential to catalyze physician engagement, and empower them to provide meaningful clinical leadership. This represents many hours of work by organizers,…

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