Mentorship Program

The KCRA is currently offering an individualized Mentorship Program within our state. This program gives us the opportunity to learn more about the best practices in programs across the state, as well as, provide excellent opportunities for networking and for professional growth.


The program is available to all current KCRA members and student members. We recommend Mentors/Mentees talk monthly via phone or face-to-face meeting over the course of a year.


Mentor Information

Can you think of some of your most favorite mentors?  They’re those people that helped you in your career and life and molded you into the person you are today.  They believed in you and saw potential that you may have not even seen in yourself.  Please consider paying it forward!  


As a mentor, you would offer career guidance in the field of cardiac and pulmonary rehab and/or guidance within your discipline (RN, EP, RD, RT, etc). Each Mentor will be paired with one Mentee. Mentors will not be paired with individuals from competing facilities. 


Requirements? Mentors are current KCRA members that have worked in a certified cardiac or pulmonary rehab program for five or more years. The time commitment is flexible and minimal. 


Interested in becoming a Mentor? Send your completed application to Beth Cundiff for consideration! Application is posted below.


Updated Mentor Application


Mentee Information

Wouldn’t it be nice to have guidance with some of the challenges that we face in our programs and careers each day?  Sign up as Mentee today!


We have several experts in our field just waiting to be paired with you!  All mentors currently work in certified CR/ PR programs. Your mentor will have at least 5 years of experience within the CR/PR setting.


To learn more about a field different than their own, a mentee may choose to pair with a mentor from outside of your current discipline.


Completed Mentee Applications should be sent to Beth Cundiff. Application is posted below.


Mentee Application 


For questions or for more information, please contact Beth Cundiff at (

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